Vileed has launched compatible cartridge containing white toner for OKI C711WT laser printer. 

OKI C711WT laserjet printer is ideal for sublimation heat transfer onto textile or other media like leather, wood, metal and glasses. By combining high definition LED color printing with unique white toner technology, it is easy to print in solid, sharp and bright white, overcoming many existing sublimation transfer challenges faced by graphic designers.
But original OKI C711WT white toner cartridge price is as high as USD559, which is obstacle for enjoying the benefit from this white laser toner printing technology. Luckily, Vileed just launch replacement white laser toner cartridge for OKI C711WT, and our price is less than one third of OKI original cartridge price. White toner powder in bottles and bags are also available for distributors who has the ability to refill laser toner cartridges.
Vileed is always dedicated to providing economic solution for full range of printer consumables. Our white toner for OKI pro 920WT is under development, and will be available soon.