-- Full color barcode labeling solutions that cut down your cost sharply

Thermmal transfer label printers are ideal for long-lasting barcode label printing, since they can print very fast comparing with ink printers, and their printout is crisp, and anti-smudging comparing with laser printers.
But they can only print single color – normally black, or other single color if you use wax-resin barcode ribbons of higher prices. Another choice is to use color thermal transfer blank labels, as showed in the picture below.


If you need to print full color labels, usually Epson Colorworks series inkjet label printers are recommended, such as C3400, C3500, C7500, etc. You will find that prices of these printers are extremely high, comparing with barcode label printers. 
So is there a solution to get full color labels with barcode label printer?
The answer from Vileed is: Yes, there is! That's custom printed thermal transfer labels!
Custom print logos and designs on a part of thermal transfer labels, and the other part is left to be blank. Then you can print barcodes, text, and graphics on this custom printed thermal transfer labels by barcode label printers.

Size of inner core available: (40mm), 3” (75mm)

Labels Array: 1 labels per row, or 2 labels per row


Labels rolling direction: Outbound or inbound

Silver and transparent labels also available at different prices.


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The price of this label is similiar with normal custom printed stickers. Without increasing your cost, you can get the obvious advantages:

  • Variable data can be arranged to print at your end, which can help a lot to keep your label inventory as low as possible.
For example, if you have 100 SKU in your product line, and you want color labels on them all, then you need 100 types of color labels with each different product information. But with this color thermal transfer label, you only need 1 type color label with your logo and design, 
  • Label rolls can be mounted in our automatic labeling machine which can stick label on products and packages, to save manpower for labeling.
Achieve full color sticker of variable data by thermal transfer barcode label printing. Make your thermal transfer label colorful now!