Some inkjet printers has printhead inside it (like Epson and Brother inkjet printers), and other inkjet printers use print cartridges with build-in printhead (such as HP 21/22).

When you use a inkjet printer has build-in printhead, there are two circumstances that indicates the printhead problem.

1) You got printout of white stripes, then there is high possibility that the printhead has got clogged if you confirm that the problem is not aroused by ink cartridge quality. Many printers have the function to clean the printhead automatically. If that does not work, it is needed to manually clean the printhead, or replace the printhead with a new one. 

2) Printer shows message of “Missing or Failed Printhead”. If you confirm that the printer and its system works fine, and printhead is correctly installed, then it means that the printhead is needed to be replaced with a new one.

For HP Officejet printers, there are two types of printhead mechanism: removable printhead and non-removable printhead. The difference is that the removable printhead has a latch, while non-removable printhead doesn’t have. It is easy to identify.

Examples of printers with removable printhead: Printers which use ink cartridges of 950/ 951, 952/ 953/ 954/ 955/ 956/ 957/ 958/ 959

Examples of printers with non-removable printhead: Printers which use ink cartridges of 932/ 933, 02, 17, 363, 801

If your printer has non-removable printhead, we do not recommend you to manually clean or replace the printhead by yourself, since it will be difficult to handle by end-user, and can possibly damage your printer. We suggest you to contact a Vileed reseller for maintenance.

If you have a printer with removable printhead, you can try to replace with a new printhead by follow the instructions below. But manual cleaning of printhead is not recommended for end-users in order to avoid any damage to printers. Please ask a Vileed reseller for manual cleaning of printhead.

Steps of replacing printhead:

1. Take out print cartridges and put them into a sealed bag to prevent ink nozzle drying.

2. Lift the latch handle on the carriage (Fig 2-1). Pull the printhead straight up and out of the slot (Fig 2-2). 

3. Clean the copper-colored electrical contacts inside the printer with the pre-moistened wipe inside the package of Vileed printhead, by wiping from top to bottom, in one direction only. (Fig 3)

4. Put the new printhead into the slot (Fig 4-1). Lower the latch handle, and press down the latch firmly to make sure it is engaged (Fig 4-2).

5. Reinstall print cartridges one by one. Match the print cartridge color to the color on the carriage.

6. Close the printer cover. The printer will then start an initialization process which usually take several minutes. An alignment page will be printed out after the process is completed. And the printer will show the “Alignment Successful” message.